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Our disaster management unit is well equipped and prepared to move in the unfortunate events. The trained staff, volunteers, and emergency response unit keep themselves ready with well-coordinated strategies and take measures to reduce damages and save lives. Eventually, during such events, we try to save the maximum number of lives.

Chennai Floods

What we do?

We are a nonprofit organization that focuses on the well-being of needy people. We want to make difference in society by helping in emergency scenarios, in the Covid19 pandemic, by distributing food and ration.


Emergency Response

Suriya foundation believes to stand tall in the event of disaster and calamity situations. We have taken necessary measures to move faster and work collectively to reduce the damages that happen in such situations. Our emergency services are focused on the people living under the poverty line, facing hardships on daily basis, and having a scarcity of basic needs.



Education is the right of every Indian. It is the basis for the rightful society. Children and youth need to learn the knowledge, value, required skills, and equitable mindset that could empower these individuals and make them a responsible citizens of India. Our mission is to be that important factor that imparts high-quality education to deliver benefits received to these children and youth.

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India today is facing poverty below the line, and the most important and integral part of our society is young girls and women. They receive a lack of opportunities and low education due to the vicious circle of poverty. Most of the Indian women are pulled back from schools to manage the household, and most of them never get the chance to even get a basic education. They become the untrained, unmanaged, and underprivileged part of society.



Suriya foundation enriches the vision to ensure that the people of India deserve to live with safety, dignity, tranquility, and happiness. Due to the vicious circle of poverty, millions of Indians do not have accommodation that could provide them safety and security.

We believe to build communities and provide shelter to deserving people. These shelters are the support and secure place that could help victimized people, people going through unbearable and critical circumstances.



We all know that apart from education, sports play a vital role in an individual’s life. Sports activities keep these young individuals healthy, fit, and in working order. Such healthy sports activities also keep them away from unhealthy activities, drugs, and illegal activities.

These healthy sports activities and education make these young individuals learn more and become a fruitful part of society. We foster health and wellbeing in these individuals. It brings cultures and different norms together. It creates tolerance and learning through physical activities.


Cleanliness and Environmental

We are one of the NGOs that are actively participating to deliver cleanliness in India. We are dedicated to delivering cleanliness programs in urban, suburban, and rural areas of India to reduce waste and toxicity. We engage ourselves with the communities proactively by informing, educating, and practically involving them to reduce hazardous waste and clean the environment.

We also plant sampling, remove pins and staples on the tree, water them and cage them for good growth.

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You can help a lot of Poor People See our Causes


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A Little More About Us

You can help a lot of Poor People See our Causes

About Us

Our Charitable Trust which is basically a non- profit foundation is mainly focused and dedicated to supporting the quality education of the poor and needy to deliver the service of giving financial assistance to the students in their Higher Secondary education.

We see the most important hurdle of underprivileged children is completing high school, reason being many students can’t afford mostly about 50 to 55% (according to our survey) of children and rest suppress their desire to educate further and start working as minor laborers, which in return is being a very big cause of economy downfall.

We strongly believe that we can eliminate social evils and uplift society only through education. And we reach out to deserving students from the most backward community of the country and provide them with the opportunities to not only complete their education but also transform into the confident, competent and socially responsible individual.

“Everyone lives, but those who do something beyond what normal man does is, who lives truly a meaning full lives”. Remembering an awesome saying “THREE DAYS OF MEANINGFUL LIFE IS FAR GREATER THAN, A HUNDRED YEARS OF MEANINGLESS EXIST”. Let’s help our world to become a better home, we have to individually contribute love and kindness to convert earth from house to home for everyone on earth. And we have to see these social activities as a responsibility, not as a service. And we feel it’s our duty to give back to the society in whatever the little way possible.

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You can help a lot of Poor People See our Causes

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Your greatness is not what you have but what you can donate to society. Helping others by donating is the worthiest action you can do, for the wellbeing of the people and reduce their sufferings.

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Starvation leads to crimes. The most significant issue the world is facing today is Food starvation. It needs your attention today. India is facing millions of families and children who are starving due to hunger, poverty, and malnutrition.

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We believe that every child must have a fair chance to get educated. We bridge between children and their families, and schools to impart education. Suriya foundation upholds education as the means to grow, learn, play and recognize the potential of the children.

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You can help a lot of Poor People See our Causes

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